Things I Liked in 2008: Mason Proper


Why was I the only person to give a shit about Mason Proper this year? Their second full length, Olly Oxen Free, came out in September and proceeded to rule for the rest of the year.

Mason Proper plays dreamy, atmospheric indie rock. The album’s opener, “Fog,” has a few bits reminiscent of older Modest Mouse, and the label that came with the record compares them to Pinback, Cloud Cult, or the Dears, but Mason Proper’s really managed to find a sound that feels influenced by these bands without imitating them. Singer Johnathan Visger’s got an impressive set of pipes that stays in the upper registers without ever sounding whiny or annoying, which works better on Olly Oxen Free than on their much more abrasive debut, There is a Moth in Your Chest.

I’m going to come out and say it, “Point A to Point B” might be my favorite song of the year. It’s masterfully planned, causing the listener to anticipate a chorus long before it actually occurs and making it all the more epic once it kicks in. Be sure to check it out on their Myspace page. Get out and see them as well, they’re nice dudes who aren’t getting the credit they deserve.

Mason Proper – Olly Oxen Free


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