Things I Liked in 2008: The Tallest Man on Earth/Bon Iver


I figured this would be an appropriate post because these two either currently are or just finished up touring together.

I got into the Tallest Man on Earth and I definitely like him better; the guy writes folky acoustic tunes evocative of Dylan’s early days, but with fancier fretwork. His voice caught me off guard at first, but I think it’s part of what makes him so memorable; think Dylan, Willie Nelson, or Deer Tick, but deeper.

I’ve told everyone so far that he’s definitely a grower. If you’re willing to give it a little bit of time and warm up to something a little bit different, you’ll be greatly rewarded. I’d say this securely clinches my #3 spot of the year.

The Tallest Man on Earth – Shallow Graves


I don’t know what I can say about Bon Iver that hasn’t been said before. Justin Vernon recorded this album over three months in an isolated cabin in Wisconsin with limited recording equipment, and I honestly think you’re doing it a great disservice if you don’t listen to For Emma, Forever Ago with headphones. There’s so much ambient noise from the cabin itself that just isn’t conveyed properly through speakers; get a good set of noise-cancelers, hit play, and close your eyes and it’s like you’re there in the cabin with him.

It’s the perfect record for this time of year. It’s lonely, yet warm, and undeniably beautiful and heartbreaking. Well played, Mr. Vernon. I pray your next album isn’t recorded in a studio either.

Bon Iver – For Emma, Forever Ago


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