Really?: New Phantom Planet Video/Things I Liked in 2008: Phantom Planet

Adam, who plays bass in my band, once told me he was going to see Tim and Eric’s live show in New York. Upon his return, I asked how it was. His response: “There’s a reason their show is only fifteen minutes long.”

I’ve seen some of Eric Wareheim’s other music videos, and to me his style of “filmmaking,” I suppose I’ll call it, never translated well in any medium besides television comedy. “Tom Goes to the Mayor” took some time to grow on me, and I love “Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!” for its utter insanity and countless celebrity cameos. Yeah, maybe one of these days Eric Wareheim’s directorial talents will translate well into a music video.

The new Phantom Planet video for “Dropped”, however, is not that music video. It’s almost too ludicrous for its own good, with the band parading around in green screen suits with stuttery edits abound. There’s a side plot with a mustachioed man trying to seduce a potential lover with gifts and talents; it’s so awkward that it was all but totally lost on me.

All that being said, I fucking loved the new Phantom Planet record. It came out right as the air was getting warm and got me in the perfect mood for summer. Blasting Raise the Dead with the windows down is the only way to do the album justice; Phantom Planet clearly wears their SoCal roots on their sleeves and grew some fucking balls in the years since the release “California.”

It’s pop rock, but with more emphasis on the latter. There’s a loose concept about a “Hotel California”-esque run-in with a cult that’s more evident in some songs than others (like “Leader” and “Do the Panic”), but it’s fairly irrelevant. There’s some Radiohead channeling on “Quarantined,” and “Geronimo” takes on rough sex with an equal amount of vigor. Seriously, if the last you’ve heard of this band is the theme song to The OC, do some catching up. Losing Jason Schwartzman is the best thing that ever happened to them.

Oh, but don’t expect to see them anytime soon. 2008 marked an “indefinite hiatus” for the band. Boo!

Phantom Planet – Raise the Dead


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