Drinking Game: Gran Torino

Ain't it the truth.

Ain't it the truth.

In my neverending quest to turn most everyday activities into excuses to imbibe alcohol, I’ve come up with quite a few memorable drinking games.


  • Clint Eastwood growls.
  • Clint Eastwood spits.
  • Clint Eastwood is racist.


  • Whenever you question if you should be as laughing at racism as much as you are.

All jokes aside, Gran Torino is a truly great film that I can’t recommend enough. The concept of a crotchety old racist grandfather learning to accept and befriend his ethnic neighbors could have easily come across as shallow, but Eastwood ably handles the transformation in a believable, endearing manner. Watch it once sober, then watch it again and get shitfaced. With those rules, you will.


2 responses to “Drinking Game: Gran Torino

  1. Clint Eastwood did a great job of using his outward crankiness to come across as mean as well as somehow heroic this newest film of his

  2. Oh hell. Every decent man who has the guts to stand up for what he believes in is a goddamn racist…., especially to all the pantywaist punks in society.

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