Just Throwing This Out There, I Don’t Hate the Two Tongues Album.

two tongues

I didn’t love the last Say Anything record and I haven’t liked Saves the Day since Stay What You Are, but fuck me if I didn’t like this little number that found its way into my mailbox earlier this week. This band’s been endlessly hyped since its inception; Max Bemis of the aforementioned Say Anything and Chris “My Voice Keeps Getting Higher” Conley of Saves the Day combine with a few other members of their respective bands to form an AbsolutePunk supergroup.

With a formula like that, I wanted to hate Two Tongues. I really fucking did. But, honestly, they did this damn thing right.

With Dave Soloway, Saves the Day’s undeniably crafty lead guitarist, on bass, it’s pretty easy to tell that the majority of the guitar work is Bemis’. While Say Anything sure isn’t a band known for impressive fretwork (why do they even bother having 3 guitars?), what they lack in technical proficiency they more than make up for in melody and memorability. As a result, most of Two Tongues sounds like B-sides from …Is a Real Boy, though slightly less ambitious. I’m not sure if I’ve made this clear yet, but that album fucking rules and this is a huge positive.

In short, Max Bemis wrote a bunch of songs, and Chris Conley stopped him before he overwhelmed himself and released another two-disc monstrosity. Can’t guarantee it’ll still have appeal a few months down the road, but hey, whatever, it’s fun now.

Two Tongues – Two Tongues


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