Really?: Pepsi’s Super Bowl Commercial

I don’t get why everyone’s decided to blow a load over I remember being confused as hell when CNN chose to hologram his ass into Anderson Cooper’s studio during their 2008 election night coverage, and I found myself even more bewildered when Pepsi decided to take things one step further and outright name as the Bob Dylan of the “current generation.”

I’m just going to throw this out there:

Yeah, so homeboy wrote a song about Barack Obama. He also directly contributed to and performed on “My Humps,” “Let’s Get Retarded,” and “Don’t Funk With My Heart.” Sure, you can argue that at one point several years ago, the Black Eyed Peas were a hip-hop group with a social conscience, but since 2006’s addition of Fergie that credibility is all but destroyed.

Forty years ago, Dylan was the voice of protest when America needed it most. He inspired millions and shook up all preconceived notions of popular music as a medium of communication. Until can do something other than write a few songs about his support for a presidential candidate, he’s nowhere near the same league.


2 responses to “Really?: Pepsi’s Super Bowl Commercial

  1. Actually, it's spelled


  2. So well put.

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