The Grammys, As Texted Between My Dad and I (No Rihanna Jokes, Sorry)

DAD: “U watchin grammys? Jonas bros and stevie wonder. Good thing he’s blind. Tom”

For some reason I didn’t respond here, don’t remember why, but this happened the next night.

DAD: “Didja watch gramies. S’up wid s wndr”

ME: “Grammys can suck it. Did wonder play with the jonas brothers or something?”

DAD: “They had some bs rap thing the rap pack. Like the rat pack sinatra d martin sd jr et al.”

ME: “Tell me they didn’t do superstition.”

DAD: “Ok i wont.”

DAD: “It was pathetic”

DAD: “Not stevie, them”

ME: “Wasn’t their best album of the year the new robert plant? Can that guy even still sing?”

DAD: “He’s 3/4 up da stairway to u no where”

I couldn’t make this up if I tried.


5 responses to “The Grammys, As Texted Between My Dad and I (No Rihanna Jokes, Sorry)

  1. our fathers need to meet. they might be the same person.

  2. Your dad rules, but I’m sick of everyone dissing the Robert Plant Allison Krous album. It’s modern folk at its finest, and everyone our age needs to stop dissing it until they’ve actually sat down and listened to it.

    Not only was it catchy and fun, but I found it really impressive for two diverse artists to come together and put out such a great piece of music.

  3. *Alison Krauss

    My b.

  4. True dat, Allison Krauss and Robert Plant is actually pretty solid. It could have been worse, Viva La Vida could have won.

  5. Ha ha. That’s what happens when an artist is overpraised..they start sucking, badly. But you know what’s really good? To Write a Riot’s NEW EP!! Hell to the ya =]

    “S’up wid s wndr” lol best line ever

    I’ve never heard of robert plant or allison kraus =/ am i missing out??

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