I Feel Vaguely Compelled to Review “Watchmen”


I know there’s a million other things I should write about first, like the Bonz in-studio or my last two nights with Brand New, but I went out and saw Watchmen today with my dad and I think I have stronger feelings about that.

I read the graphic novel back sometime around August or September, and that thing had me hooked. I read it all in three days, loving the deliberate twist on the whole superhero genre as well as the subtle nuances in the background of every page. The ending was flawless, tying everything back together in a nice, but not overbearing sociopolitical commentary.

That being said, the movie was incredibly faithful to the graphic novel, but therin lies the dilemma. The original comic was way too heavy to be a successful mainstream movie. Sure, fans of it will absolutely love the film, even with the slight change to the ending (that actually makes the whole thing more feasible), but I feel as though the casual viewer might walk in and find themselves way over their heads.

It was marketed as a blockbuster superhero movie–which is exactly what it isn’t. This is a deep probing into the necessity of law, the delicate balance between war and peace, and the order needed to maintain that balance. There’s action, and quite a bit of it, but it never truly feels like an action movie. I understand the marketing was necessary, as comic book fans alone couldn’t recoup a multi-million dollar budget, I just can’t help but feel like the casual viewer might feel deceived by the second hour. Over dinner tonight my dad told me his friend’s son wanted to see it. I asked how old he was. My dad said eleven. I told him most of it would go right over his head anyway.

But, since this is my review: fuck ’em. I loved it.


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