3/9/09 – Cursive at Music Hall of Williamsburg


Last night marked my second time seeing Cursive, and I don’t think I could have asked for a better setlist. They played a wide range of material from their entire catalog, from The Storms of Early Summer through The Ugly Organ to the newly released and very excellent Mama, I’m Swollen. I just wish people at shows in New York could handle their liquor better.


Butcher the Song
Dorothy at Forty
Mama, I’m Satan
The Great Decay
Driftwood: A Fairy Tale
The Casualty
Let Me Up
Bad Sects
A Career in Transcendence
I Couldn’t Love You
The Ugly Organist
Some Red Handed Sleight of Hand
Rise Up! Rise Up!
From the Hips
Art is Hard
Big Bang
The Game of Who Needs Who the Worst
What Have I Done?
A Gentleman Caller
The Martyr
Photo from Flickr.

2 responses to “3/9/09 – Cursive at Music Hall of Williamsburg

  1. they played a SIX song encore? wtf is an encore even supposed to mean anymore?

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