Andrew Bird – “Noble Beast”


Hi, blog. I’ve neglected you quite a bit over the past semester, not really giving a shit and just posting setlists of shows I’ve been to and radio playlists. Well, I swear I’m going to start treating you right again. That and I think my friends are getting less and less receptive to me shoving records down their throats.

Anyway, the new Andrew Bird record is great. Really great. I remember hearing it for the first time when it came out at the end of January and knowing it was the first “big deal” record of 2009 that I would throw on my top 10 list and see how many publications did the same. From the opening violin swells of “Oh No,” the album’s got a very ethereal sound, one that’s simultaneously calculated and carefree.

Andrew Bird’s always been the kind of thing I have to be in a specific mood for, but in the last few weeks I’ve found myself coming back to this record more and more. With an empty house and a warm summer breeze rolling through the windows, I’ll put on Noble Beast and watch it fill every corner of the room. It seems a grave disservice to listen to it any other way.

Andrew Bird – “Noble Beast”


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